What is a CO2 Laser?

A CO2 laser is a type of laser that uses a gas mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sometimes a small amount of other gases to produce a beam of infrared light. The wavelength of this light is in the 10.6 micrometer range, which is absorbed well by many materials.

The CO2 laser is particularly well-suited for cutting and engraving a wide range of non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, glass, fabric, rubber, ceramics, and some types of plastics.

Wood and acrylic can be cut and engraved with a CO2 laser to create intricate designs and patterns. The laser can also be used to etch designs into leather, which is commonly used in the fashion and accessory industry. CO2 lasers are also used to cut glass, which is used in applications such as creating custom-fit mirrors and windows.

Fabrics such as cotton, denim, and polyester can be engraved with a CO2 laser, which is a common technique used in the textile industry to create custom designs and patterns. CO2 lasers can also mark on many types of plastics, rubber, ceramics and other materials.

Additionally, with the right settings and adjustments, CO2 lasers can also be used to engrave or mark on some types of metal, such as anodized aluminum or coated steel. However, it's not recommended to use CO2 laser to cut metal, as the beam is not be able to effectively penetrate the material.

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